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October 28, 2007

FucoTHIN Reviews & Price Comparison - Get the Best Price on FucoTHIN

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The very popular Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Fucothin section is here

The scientific explanation of FucoTHIN (made primarily of a special blend of Fucoxanthin) can be found here.

FucoTHIN Russian Study & Russian Academy of Natural Sciences FucoThin information here.

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FucoTHIN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Your FucoTHIN Questions Answered

What is FücoTHIN™?

    * The original marine thermogenic containing natural fucoxanthin from brown marine vegetables combined with pomegranate seed oil.
    * Clinically researched and patent-pending
    * Non-stimulant naturally thermogenic formula, supporting healthy fat breakdown while providing cellular protection.*

What is thermogenesis?

    * The process by which the body increases its metabolic rate, requiring use of internal stores of energy such as fat.
    * FücoTHIN™ supports metabolism including that of white adipose tissue such as belly fat, without stimulating the central nervous system.*
    * In human clinical trial, the metabolic rate with FücoTHIN™ was 18.2% higher than with diet alone.1

What are the key components of FücoTHIN™?

    * Blend of brown seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida, Laminaria japonica) concentrate (5mg of fucoxanthin per serving) from a proprietary cultivation and extraction process.
    * Cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil.

What is fucoxanthin?

    * A carotenoid (like lutein and lycopene) — a powerful antioxidant the propects cells from free-radical damange.*
    * The pigment gives brown seaweed its characteristic color and participates in photosynthesis (conversion of light to energy).
    * Marine vegetables long considered among the most nutritious vegetation on earth, and have been included in many Asian diets for centuries.
    * Fucoxanthin is a key ingredient that may have helped to minimize health and weight issues among Asian populations where it is consumed the most.1
    * The first marine algae-derived ingredient with clinically proven thermogenic effect.*
    * FücoTHIN™ contains an all-natural food concentrate of fucoxanthin from specially cultivated strains of brown marine vegetables grown in pristine waters off both the Canary Islands and Europe.

How much fucoxanthin does FücoTHIN™ contain?

    * 250-500 times as much as typical seaweed.
    * High levels achieved through proprietary cultivation and extraction processes based on seven years of research.
    * Three softgels of FücoTHIN™ (recommended daily serving) contain 15 mg of fucoxanthin.

How are the brown marine vegetables in FücoTHIN™ cultivated and extracted?

    * Use of proprietary strains of Undaria (Wakame) and Laminaria (Kombu) grown in unpolluted waters.
    * Grown in tanks with circulating filtered deep sea water in rectangular photobioreactors that allow increased levels of fucoxanthin.
    * Careful manipulation of cultivation conditions allow for modifying pigment content to optimize production of components of FücoTHIN™, including fucoxanthin levels.
    * Harvested at early life stage and varied light intensity to maximize level of fucoxanthin so it remains active and retains its health promoting properties.
    * These unique phytocompounds only become bioavailable for humans after their extraction using a proprietary process.

How does FücoTHIN™ work?

    * Scientific studies suggest fucoxanthin from Undaria and Laminaria posses strong thermogenic properties, with implications for weight reduction.*
    * Fucoxanthin increases expression of UCP1 in white adipose tissue (WAT). WAT is the type of fat predominantly found around the belly of adults.
    * Uncoupling proteins (UCPs) are mitochondrial transporters present in cell's inner membranes. Fucuxanthin up-regulates the expression of UCP1 in WAT, increasing heat (thermogenesis), thereby contributing to reduced WAT weight.
    * This stimulated oxidation reduces fat in mammals.
    * Study participants experience a metabolic rate 18.2% higher than with diet alone. This is the first observation of thermogenic effect through UCP1 expression in WAT from a carotenoid.

How is FücoTHIN™ different than other fucoxanthin products?

    * FücoTHIN™ contains a minimum 5% concentration of fucoxanthin, the key clinically-studied constituent of brown marine vegetables.
    * Fucoxanthin in FücoTHIN™ is up to 500 times more concentrated than wild-harvested brown seaweed — achieved through proprietary cultivation of selected strains of edible marine vegetables and an extraction process developed over the span of seven years.
    * FücoTHIN™ is the only marine fucoxanthin extract and pomegranate oil combination, researched and validated by human clinical trials at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and Medical Academy and certified by National Bioscience Corporation.
    * Beware of imitations and knock-offs. Wild crafted seaweed contains only trace levels of fucoxanthin and has no clinical support or likely efficacy.

What were the results of the human clinical study?

    * Preliminary results from a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial of FücoTHIN™ in 140 overweight female subjects after 16 weeks showed significant reduction in visceral fat and body weight.
    * Study participants lost an average of 14.5 pounds of body weight — 11.5 pounds more than the placebo group.
    * Body fat loss was 11.8 pounds in the fucoxanthin group, compared to just 2.8 pounds in the placebo group.
    * Study published in 2007.

What are the benefits of pomegranate seed oil?

    * They are the source of an oil with a unique fatty acid composition.
    * FücoTHIN™ provides a proprietary pomegranate seed oil standardized to punicic acid (also, conjugated linolenic acid, CLNA).
    * Works synergistically with fucoxanthin to support natural thermogenesis.

Will FücoTHIN™ make me jittery or disrupt my sleep like some weight supplements do?

    * No. Unlike other thermogenics, it is a non-stimulant.
    * Can be taken anytime — will not cause jitters or lost sleep.

Who will benefit from using FücoTHIN™?

    * Anyone who wishes to manage body fat and support a healthy metabolic rate.
    * Users should also follow a balanced diet per your metabolic type, and a regular exercise regimen.

Do I need to do anything else to lose weight?

    * Yes! Despite what many diet products might lead you to believe, the only way to lose weight and keep it off is by adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a moderate exercise program and a metabolically-appropriate calorie conscious diet.
    * The research on FücoTHIN™ was done in conjunction with an 1800 calorie meal plan.

What are the usage directions for FücoTHIN™?

    * Take one softgel three times daily with food and at least 8 oz. of water.

When should I expect to see results?

    * Clinical studies indicate an average of 6 weeks of use before significant thermogenic response is experienced.
    * Give FücoTHIN™ at least 8 full weeks to begin to notice changes.

Are there any contraindications or warnings for FücoTHIN™?

    * Clinical studies and a long history of use of brown sea vegetables as food show no significant adverse effects.
    * As with any dietary supplement consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or under medical supervision.
    * Not intended for children.
    * Avoid if allergic to seaweed.
    * Manufactured on equipment that may be used to process soy, wheat, and/or fish (anchovy/sardine).

Can I take FücoTHIN™ with other weight management supplements?

    * FücoTHIN™ has not been studied with other weight management products yet.
    * Please consult your physician before using two weight management supplements concurrently.

Can I take FücoTHIN™ while taking medications?

    * You should always consult with your doctor if you are taking any medications.

Is FücoTHIN™ dairy free?

    * Yes.

Is FücoTHIN™ gluten free?

    * No. It is manufactured on equipment that may process wheat.

Is FücoTHIN™ 100% vegetarian?

    * No. Softgels are made with beef gelatin.

Does it contain iodine?

    * Trace amounts, less than 5% of the RDI per softgel.

Has it been tested for heavy metals?

    * Garden of Life has strict specifications that require:
          o Less than 10 ppm total heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead)
          o Less than 0.3 ppm for lead


  1. Along with a calorie conscious diet and exercise.
  2. Participants also followed an 1800 calorie meal plan.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
May take up to 6 weeks to see results.

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October 27, 2007

FucoTHIN Review | Overview of Facts About FucoTHIN Fat Burner

The Final Analysis on FucoTHIN

While fucoTHIN is clinically proven to burn fat, it also has several other benefits:

* Burn Fat - particularly belly fat - Clinically proven to target the deep white adipose tissue, commonly found in the abdominal region.

* Effective Weight Management - Clinically proven to aid in the "battle fo the buldge" by burning fat. In just 16 weeks, study participants that used fucoTHIN lost an average of 14.5 pounds. The placebo group lost an average of 3 pounds. The fucoTHIN group lost a remarkable 450% more than the group that did NOT use fucoTHIN!

* Thermogenically boost metabolism - in the clinical trial fucoTHIN was shown to raise the metabolic rate an average of 18.2%

* No jitters, so you can work and sleep. - Clinically proven to be effective without stimulating the central nervous system and without negative side effects

* Powerful Antioxidant - Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid (like lutein and lycopene), which is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free-radical damage.

* No chemicals - made with natural ingredients - Our fucoxanthin comes from two specific strains of edible seaweed.

fucoTHIN also contains Pomegranate Seed Oil which works synergistically with the fucoxanthin in fucoTHIN to support natural thermogenesis.

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October 26, 2007

FucoTHIN | What Makes FucoTHIN Different From Other Fat Burners?

What makes fucoTHIN different?

   1. Clinical Research - The main ingredient in fucoTHIN, fucoxanthin, has been clinically studied for safety and effectiveness (see sidebar to the right).

   2. Non-Stimulant - Unlike so many dangerous fat burners, fucoTHIN is proven to boost metabolism without stimulating the central nervous system. Stimulating the central nervous system can be annoying (causing jitters or sleeplessness) or as ephedra has proven, deadly.

   3. Made from an ingredient found in the daily Asian diet and consumed safely for centuries that may just be their secret to weight control and good health.

   4. Targets Belly Fat - fucoTHIN has been clinically proven to specifically metabolize white adipose tissue, more commonly referred to as belly fat.

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October 25, 2007

FucoTHIN Success — Human Clinical Trials Results

Human Clinical Studies using FucoTHIN

   1. In two separate clinical trials a total of 110 overweight female subjects were put into a double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial of fucoTHIN, the Garden of Life product that contains the concentrated Fucoxanthin developed by Dr. Ramazanov. Participants were put on an 1800 calorie diet and monitored over the next 16 weeks.

   2. The results? In just 16 weeks, the group that used fucoTHIN lost an average of 14.5 pounds. The placebo group lost an average of 3 pounds. Simply put the fucoTHIN group lost 450% more weight than the group that did NOT use fucoTHIN!

   3. Additionally in the clinical trial fucoTHIN was proven to raise the metabolic rate 18.2% without stimulating the central nervous system and without negative side effects.

   4. FucoTHIN Targets Belly Fat - fucoTHIN has been clinically proven to specifically metabolize white adipose tissue, more commonly referred to as belly fat.

   5. In short: FucoTHIN gave a  450% increase in weight loss. An 18.2% increase in metabolic rate. All with the patients experiencing NO side effects like losing sleep, or getting the jitters.

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October 23, 2007

FucoTHIN Russian Study | The Fucoxanthin Breakthrough

The Fucoxanthin breakthrough

When fucoxanthin was clinically proven to actually break down belly fat, it did create one huge problem.

Fucoxanthin is found in edible seaweed.

Unfortunately in order to consume enough fucoxanthin to realize its weight loss benefit you would have to consume tons of seaweed on a daily basis.

How was this hurdle overcome?

Why by a Russian Doctor of course!

Dr. Zakir Ramazanov was a dedicated and highly talented biochemist and plant physiologist who dedicated his life to finding whole food ingredients that promoted vibrant health.

Early on in his career he began experimenting with solar bioreactors and how they affected the cultivation of certain marine vegetables and algae including spirulina and chlorella.

As his career advanced and eventually took him to the United States Dr. Ramazanov continued to develop cultivation methods that allowed for the human consumption of sea vegetables.

The first step in finding a way to cultivate and extract fucoxanthin from edible seaweed was to choose the right seaweed. Dr. Ramazanov experimented with hundreds of different seed stock before finally settling on two specific strains, Undaria (Wakame) and Laminaria (Kombu). Once selected he moved on to the next issue.

The reality is that to extract enough fucoxanthin from the seaweed you would need to grow miles and miles of seaweed just to have enough to answer the demand created by this unique product. Thankfully Dr. Ramazanov's work with photo-bioreactors provided the answer. Harnessing the power of the sun and using large cultivation tanks filled with pristine filtered deep sea water he was able to perfect a process that greatly concentrated (200 - 500 times) the amount of fucoxanthin from the seaweed.

Finally Dr. Ramazanov created a proprietary process used to extract the fucoxanthin and make it bioavailable for human consumption.

There is a sad note to the story. Dr. Ramazanov died before he could see fucoxanthin made available for mass consumption.

Fucoxanthin is his legacy and Garden of Life FucoTHIN is proud to carry it on.

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FucoTHIN - Fucoxanthin Definition - Scientific Explanation

FucoTHIN is made up of Fucoxanthin and a few other ingredients.

So let's review what Fucoxanthin really is and how it helps with fat burning….

Fucoxanthin - A technical description

Fucoxanthin is structurally different from other carotenoids and has a totally different mechanism than any other fat burning ingredients.

The research suggests that fucoxanthin works directly in white fat cells, the predominant type of fat in the human abdominal region, including belly fat.

Both animal and human studies demonstrate that fucoxanthin from edible seaweed possesses strong thermogenic properties with significant implications for body weight reduction.

This beneficial thermogenic effect is related to the ability of fucoxanthin to ignite production of a specialized protein called uncoupling protein-1 (UCP-1) in white fat cells.

UCP-1 targets cellular structures called mitochondria to boost the rate at which fatty acids are burned and oxidized, thus generating more heat production and resulting in significant white adipose tissue reduction.

As of today, fucoxanthin is the only natural food constituent that has been proven to produce thermogenic effect through UCP-1 upregulation in white fat cells.

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October 22, 2007

FucoTHIN | The 7 Year Journey of Creating FucoTHIN | Clinical Human Trials and Proof That FucoTHIN works!

Garden of Life and its founder Jordan Rubin are no strangers to top selling products. The Primal Defense brand of probiotics and the Perfect Food brand of green foods are both #1 in sales in the industry. Garden of Life has long been positioned as the premier manufacturer of quality whole food supplements.

Which is precisely why they have never launched a fat burner supplement until now, as Jordan Rubin himself weighs in:

"For the past 7 years I have resisted completely the urge to launch a fat burning product. I have researched all of the ingredients used in these products and frankly I found that they didn't meet my standards or the standards of the doctors and scientists that I collaborate with.

While the market for weight management products blew up I was happy to not be a part of it. I felt that most of the products were unsafe (and indeed products containing ephedra proved to be deadly) or ineffective.

In fact we even went a step further with fucoTHIN.

Most manufacturers would have launched this product without any human clinical studies.

After all there are laboratory studies that prove the method by which fucoxanthin works.

Why not make the product available and start seeing returns on the seven year time investment?

For me the answer comes from our competition.

The trail of weight management products is littered with broken promises.

If I was going to put Garden of Life and my name behind a fat burner, I needed more than just animal studies done in a lab.

I needed human clinical trials.

This is of course a gigantic risk.

After seven years of development, what if you take the product to clinical trials and it doesn't prove effective?

What if the lab results aren't mirrored in humans? All the time and money spent on development would be wasted. This is the reason so many of our competitors don't perform the human clinical trials. They are afraid of the results.

At the end of the day though, you only have your name. People need to trust that name.

If fucoTHIN failed in human clinical studies so be it. We decided to put fucoTHIN to the test."

Thankfully fucoTHIN far exceeded all expectations

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October 21, 2007

FucoTHIN is not JUST a Fat Burner - What Else Does FucoTHIN Do For You??

FucoTHIN is not JUST a Fat Burner

While fucoTHIN is clinically proven to burn fat, it also has several other benefits:

Fucothin is a Powerful Antioxidant -

Fucoxanthin is a carotenoid (like lutein and lycopene), which is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free-radical damage.

It is the pigment that gives brown seaweed its characteristic color and also participates in photosynthesis (the conversion of light into energy). It is found in several different types of brown seaweed.

FucoTHIN contains levels of fucoxanthin 200-500 times greater than in seaweed alone!

FucoTHIN contains Pomegranate Seed Oil -

Pomegranate fruit seeds are the source of an oil that has a unique fatty acid composition.

This unusual fatty acid, punicic acid or conjugated linolenic acid, works synergistically with the fucoxanthin in fucoTHIN to support natural thermogenesis (fat burning).

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September 28, 2007

More Consumer Feedback on FucoTHIN | FucoTHIN Reviews From Real Users

I have been taking Fucothin for 3 months…I'm actually starting month 4 tomorrow.

I'm not saying it's a "magic pill", but I have lost consistently at an average of 2.2 pounds/week, which is good for me.

Fucothin has alot of antioxidant properties, so I figured what the heck?! It can't hurt.

- A Happy Mom


I have been using the Fucothin and I went from losing 1 pound a week to 2-3 pounds a week which is huge for me. (I was already dieting and exercising.)

Also from things I have read they have 2 different human studies.

I will continue to use it as my results have been great…I have been taking it about 2 months.

And like has been said…since it is an antioxidant and not some scary weight loss drug I figured what the heck… it can't hurt.

-Results FINALLY!

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September 11, 2007

Consumer Feedback On FucoThin Diet Pill - FucoTHIN Success Stories

What has been the consumer feedback on the FucoTHIN Diet Pill?

Reviews from real people who used Fucoxanthin Product Supplement - FucoTHIN Success Stories

The following are excerpts from feedback from participants in the clinical trials for FucoTHIN:

I was struggling to lose the baby fat I'd gained with pregnancies for a long time, but I finally lost it. - Melony

Since taking FucoTHIN (fucoxanthin supplement) along with a healthy diet, I've lost 17 pounds, and I'm down to what I used to weigh in high school. - Jake

I've lot 13 pounds and I feel great. FucoThin has made my stomach area flatter. i'm less tired; I have lots of energy.  - Debbie


FucoTHIN - an all natural fat burning supplement has just recently became available and is in huge demand.

FucoTHIN is clinically proven to help increase your metabolism and help you release that stubborn belly fat that seems to hang on to the bitter end.

FucoTHIN has none of the  yucky side effects that other fat burners. You won't experience jitters or loss of sleep when taking FucoTHIN.

Why are fat burners like FucoTHIN in such high demand?

Well….over 66% of all American adults are overweight.

Almost 60% of Americans do not exercise AT ALL.

Americans are getting most of their calories from nutrient empty foods like high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated fat - totally unhealthy stuff…this stuff can not even be considered food really.

What is the bottom line?

Most of us do not exercise enough.

Many of us overeat every single day.

We also tend to overeat on really unhealthy foods and because of this we as a nation are getting fatter and fatter.

So is the Living Sea FucoTHIN Supplement the solution?

FucoTHIN can definitely be part of your solution. Take FucoTHIN along with a healthy diet and exercise program.

You will see results with the FucoTHIN program, guaranteed.

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September 8, 2007

FucoTHIN | How Does FucoTHIN Work?

FucoThin supports the metabolism or the burning of fat in white adipose tissue (i.e. fat in your belly).

FucoTHIN contains Xanthigen which is the original highly concentrated form of fucoxanthin.

The FucoTHIN formula has:

- a clinically proven thermogenic (fat burning) effect

- no stimulant side effects - so you won't get jitters or lose sleep

- proven results (clinical studies showed an average loss of 14.5 pounds over 16 weeks and an average increase in metabolism of  18.2%)

FucoTHIN is used successfully by 1000's of people all over the world.

If you are ready to reach your perfect healthy weight,  FucoTHIN can help you do it.

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FucoTHIN Reviews | What is FucoTHIN?

FucoTHIN by Garden of Life can help you if you want to lose weight or increase your metabolism to burn more calories.

Living Seas fücoTHIN™ by Garden of Life is:

  • Naturally thermogenicfücoTHIN™ is a natural, whole food based supplement made with a proprietary concentration of fucoxanthin and pomegranate seed oil. It is a patent-pending formula that is naturally thermogenic, meaning that it increases the body's metabolic rate.

  • Effective — It supports the metabolism and breakdown of fat by assisting the body to convert fat into energy, called thermogenesis.

  • Clinically researched — It has been studied by leading scientists for many years and is the only formula that human clinical research confirms aids in the breakdown of fat.

  • Convenient non-stimulant — Unlike ephedra, fücoTHIN™ does not stimulate the central nervous system, so it can be taken any time of day without causing jitters or sleeplessness. You can live your normal schedule.

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September 7, 2007

FucoTHIN Reviews - FucoTHIN Information

Hi Readers-

We provide this blog to help, assist, and inform you about everything there is to know about FucoTHIN from Garden Of Life and Jordan Rubin.

We will bring you informative articles and up-to-date news about FucoTHIN.

We hope you enjoy this valuable content.

-FucoTHIN Editorial Staff

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